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Saturday, 14 June 2014

European Fine Wines Ltd – liquidation + creditors' meeting

European Fine Wine Ltd premises in Bromley

Confirmation that European Fine Wines Ltd is going into liquidation. The creditors' meeting will be held on 25th June 2014 at the Marriott Hotel in Bexleyheath. Apparently the deficit is believed to be less than £1 million. Most investors appear to have received their wine, although in many instances they probably paid too much for their wines. Some investors are having a nasty shock when they discover the true value of the wines they hold. There does, however, appear to be some investors who for the moment do not have their wine.

The principal reason for the failure of European Fine Wines Ltd is being blamed on their failed attempt to open premises in Hong Kong following the success of legitimate and long established merchants like Berry Brothers & Rudd and Corney & Barrow in setting up offices there. investdrinks has been told that EFW Ltd lost some £800,000 in this abortive attempt to establish a presence in Asia-Pacific. 

Having two directors – Scott Assemakis and David Evans – banned for 11 years from being UK company directors for their part in land banking scams cannot have helped the reputation and fortunes of European Fine Wines Ltd.

The move to liquidation is being managed by Nedim Ailyan of Abbott Fielding in Sidcup. Tel: 0208 302 4344, email:



  1. The move to liquidation is being managed by Nedim Ailyan of Abbott Fielding in Sidcup.

    Now there's a surprise.

  2. Jim
    Make sure you ask Mr Ailyan and Mr Barr what is the link between John Bevan and "David Evans",

  3. Bax. Thank you but I won't be there as I am away. Also I'm not a creditor, so not invited to the meeting.

  4. Any news coming out of the Creditor's meeting Jim?

  5. Anon. Thanks for your message. I only got back from the Loire last night and have been in meetings today. I gather that Abbott Fielding was appointed as liquidators. Letters are going out today to creditors with details.

  6. Can anyone help me as to how I gain information as to who is handling this as I have not received any communication regarding monies invested??

  7. Anon. Abbott Fielding in Sidcup are the liquidators. If you go on to Companies House and choose the Beta service for company information you can access the liquidators report for free.

  8. jim I just got a letter from VEBLEN WINE any comments on them thanks