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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Commodex Global Ltd: their website screams scam!

Creative rubbish from Commodex Global Ltd: 
a very recently formed company
You would think from the highly imaginative guff on their website that Commodex Global was a well established broking company: 'Commodex is one of the world's leading privately owned brokers', through their experience etc. Instead Commodex Global was established on 14th February 2014, has a sole director –  33-year-old Barry Warner,(appointed 11th March 2014) and its registered office and trading address- 288 Bishopsgate, City of London EC2M 4QP – is a serviced/virtual office. The initial director was 35-year-old Jades Dias de Sousa.  

Completely bogus claims of being 
'leading privately owned brokers of financial products 
in the commodities sector' + 
'years of sound experience trading on 
all the major commodity exchanges'

Amazing achievement for newly formed company!
Commodex operates one of Europe's largest 
marketplaces for natural gas

Commodity Exchange programme!! 

 More imaginative rubbish: 'Commodex provides 
24-hour metals market coverage and comprehensive 
execution services to a global client base via a 
highly experienced team of specialist brokers with in-depth market knowledge'


  1. This company is infringing upon the registered trademark of the COMMODEX System. No permission has been given to use the mark.

  2. These a***holes rented my property out in London - defaulted on rent and trashed the place - I am £20k down and they are wanted by the police.