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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd disappeared – white knights circling?

Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd – cheap and nasty website 

 White knights appear to be circling 

Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd seem to have disappeared. A client of theirs reports that: 'I've phoned (cut off), emailed (no response) written to 68 Lombard Street on 15th Nov and the letter was returned in the post today by royal mail.' This client bought 2011 Lafite-Rothschild en primeur. Although some 2011 Bordeauxs have started to arrive in the UK, it is likely that the Lafite will not be shipped until spring 2014. Whether, of course, Capital Bordeaux and its sole director 23-year-old Scott Andrews even bought the remains to be seen. The company claimed to have an account at London City Bond – unfortunately LCB has no record of account in this name.   

'Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd: This company and Capital Bordeaux Vintners share the same address – serviced offices at 68 Lombard Street, London EC3V 9LJ. (68 Lombard Street is a popular address for wine investment companies – also used by European Fine Wines Ltd.) Formed 24.4.2012.
Claims wine investment is tax free. Sole director: 24-year-old Scott Andrews
Cheap and nasty website. 
Update: 5th August 2013: annual return is overdue since 22nd May 2013.
14.11.2013: annual return still overdue.
28.11.2013: Company seems to have disappeared. Among the wines it sold was 2011 Lafite-Rothschild, whether Scott Andrew and his company bought any is another matter.'

Watch out for White Knights!
Following the apparent disappearance of Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd, white knights may be circling perhaps intent on causing further damage to people's savings as the client reports: 'Interestingly I've had no less than 5 cold calls today from investment companies trading in gold, wine etc.   Have said no to each of them and why.'      


  1. I seem to have been the victim of a
    scam also... i had 2 cases of Lafite Rothschild with Le Bordeaux Wines who i cannot get in touch with. Could you advise me what steps i can take.

  2. I agree it doesn't look good. Have just tried to phone Le Bordeaux Wines but only got an answerphone. Their first company return has been overdue since 6th November 2013. Do you know where your wine was supposed to be stored?

    If you cannot trace your wine then you should register a complaint through Action Fraud and also contact the City of london Trading Standards.

  3. Edited comment from anon: 'I work in the industry and 'Le Bordeaux Wines' made quite a name for themselves in a ahort space of time in the wine industry for offering wines they couldn't possibly have had as well as serial lies about how long they've traded for etc. To me personally, they name dropped suppliers of "millions of pounds" worth of stock, many of whom I know well and all of which confirmed back to me that they'd never purchased a single item from them. Shady from the start and Jonathan Braybrook (Director)...'

  4. Heard of an asian client who has also fallen victim to this. (circa £12k) Any more info on the person behind it?

  5. I fell foul of The London Vines who sold me wines that never showed up in my Octavian account. After that I decided to get out of the fine wine market completely. Le Bordeaux were going to sell my remaining portfolio, worth over £36,000, charging a reasonable commission. Needless to say they have now disappeared and a good chunk my life savings with them. They seemed very professional and believable, the alarm bells didn't start ringing until I failed to get replies from them this month. Payment was due 7 December, last contact I had was 28 November with their Victoria Harrison in admin. Never again! I think in future I will keep my savings in an old tin under the bed.