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Monday, 5 August 2013

The London Vines Ltd: update on Barry Gamble and Robert Phillips

 James Morrison's appointments 

It would appear that 42-year-old Robert Phillips, the sole current director of The London Vines Ltd, may bear a remarkable resemblance to James Morrison, who was a director of Henry Talbot Ltd – closed in the public interest in 2003. Morrison was also company secretary of wine investment company James Hewitt Associates Ltd, which was closed in the public interest in October 2002. James Hewitt Associates Ltd was run by Andrew Dunne, now resident in Northern Cyprus.   

Barry Gamble and Robert Phillips also worked at Countrywide Land, a land banking company. Andrew Dunne was reportedly the ringleader of this £35 million fraud. Gamble says that he worked for Countrywide for about a year. He was aware of Andrew Dunne being involved in the company, but that Dunne was never at any time his manager and he had no association with him. 

Dunne is now understood to be in Northern Cyprus. In addition to Countrywide Land He was involved in a long list of scam companies including Ransby Hoare Associates Ltd, Liquid Acquisitions Ltd, James Hewitt Associates Ltd, Bordeaux UK Ltd (all wine investments) and Paramount Land UK and Consolidated Land UK (both land banking).

investdrinks has been contacted by several clients of The London Vines Ltd, who are concerned about their investments. They have been urged to file complaints through Action Fraud


Capital Bordeaux Investments Ltd may also have disappeared. Annual return is overdue since 22.5.2013 and phone calls are put through to a mailbox.


  1. Robert Phillips aka james morrison used the broker name Guy Mowbray while Barry Gamble used the broker name Alfie Collins while working for Countrywide Land Holdings and Andy RUSSIAN BRIDES Dunne

    1. Edited comment from anon:

      I am a client of countrywide and I bought land from Guy Mowbray and Alfie Collins. I gave a statement to the police before the court case in which four people were found guilty.

      But as Guy and Alfie were not charged I was not required to give evidence. I have recently been contacted by the detective I had spoke to previously he informed me that there is a great chance another case will be brought against other brokers and the ringleaders of the fraud. I therefor greatly appreciate anonymous' above comment which confirms what the detective told me. Hope the next time they hear my voice we will be in court and I will be giving evidence against them.

  2. During 2010 Robert Phillips aka James Morrison also used the name of BBC Match of the Day commentator 'Guy Mowbray' at "REGIONAL LAND" when tricking mainly pensioners living alone into paying huge sums of money for worthless land plots. Other BBC football commentators' names were also used by the “brokers” (fraudsters) at Regional Land/ Countrywide Land Holdings Ltd, including 'Jonathan Pearce' and 'Ivan Gaskell.' (How terribly amusing!)

    Both James Morrison and Barry Gamble also scammed more vulnerable people under the guise of another landbanking investment fraud outfit “PARAMOUNT LAND UK”, where Barry Gamble used the false “broker” name ALFIE BROOKES. Yet another landbanking scam they represented was CONSOLIDATED LAND UK, where STEPHEN RONALD WATKINS was a totally fictitious name and profile, invented by the fraudsters in order to fool not only the duped investors, but also the authorities, including the High Court, the then Financial Services Authority and the Insolvency Service.

    ANDREW MICHAEL DUNNE of Bromley, Kent was the main man behind all of these scams, accompanied by his lieutenant, MALCOLM KEITH HILLS of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and wise guys James Hewitt of Bickley (in Bromley), and James Morrison.

    Malcolm Keith Hills, describing himself as a sales trainer, was last seen in this BBC London television news item, filmed in January 2012, where he is pawning his expensive fountain pens in order to raise money to pay his solicitor, Stephen Gilchrist of Saunders Law Ltd, London.

    He escaped arrest in the Countrywide Land Holdings Ltd/ Regional Land fraud investigation, by changing his name in 2012 from Malcolm Hills to the weird semi-Russian sounding 'Malcolm Tkachev'. Then, like Andrew Dunne, he went on the run.

    On 8th March 2013 four accomplices of Andrew Dunne and Malcolm Hills were convicted of fraud and money laundering and were sentenced to jail for 6 to 7 years each. They are Stephen Allan, Daniel Marc Webster, Steven Ronald Percival, all from Bromley, Kent and Christopher Demetriou, aka “the canary”.

    In his summing up speech the judge made mention of Malcolm Hills and Andrew Dunne, who are both wanted by the Police.

    It won't be too long before more arrests are made.

  3. James Kennedy-Hewitt is the real winner out of this bunch he has kept his nose clean has got a million pound plus house in kingswood surrey in his wife's name Julie Kennedy-Hewitt has avoided any police attention to date from the countrywide fraud and has as yet had no negative comeback from his major role in bordeaux uk ltd and is sitting pretty with his new wine firm

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  10. does anyone know the actual whereabouts in cyprus of andy dunne. i would love to send him a post card.
    its strange how everyone seems to know that he is in cyprus but dont have his address or even a rough area

    1. I believe it is Northern Cyprus as it has no extradition treaty with UK – was Azil Nadir's choice until he decided to return. You could always advertise yourself as a Russian bride to get Mr Dunne's attention...

  11. Malcolm Hills now lives in Wales in a small village called Llyngwyrrill