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Friday, 5 July 2013

Nouveau World Wines/Finbow Wines: Thursday 4th July

Closing speeches for Simon Dempsey and Rebecca McDonald

Simon Dempsey, one of the defendants in the Finbow trial, told the judge on Monday that he had decided to dispense with the services of his legal team. He was unhappy with the way that McDonogh, his counsel, was addressing the jury. Dempsey decided to represent himself

His Honor Judge Michael Grieve offered Dempsey the opportunity to have further legal advice and time to prepare his speech to the jury. The judge told the jury not to hold Dempsey's decision to represent himself against him.

Simon Dempsey's speech

Dempsey gave his speech from within the court facing the jury - not from the glassed in dock.

He started by explaining why he had dismissed hid defence team: McDonogh's tone in his speech to the jury was rude and discourteous. Dempsey described himself as old school - holding open doors for people etc. 

He was not involved in any scam at Finbow - there was no scam at the company when he left in October 2009. He met Daniel Snelling for the first time in January 2009. 

To be concluded

Rebecca McDonald
Steve Bailey, her counsel, told the jury that Rebecca McDonald had too much to lose for no gain if she had been involved in a conspiracy to defraud investors. She essentially provided secretarial services with information given to her by Danial Snelling on a 'need to know basis'. She received nothing in addition to her salary – no bonuses, no car, no cosmetic surgery etc.

To be concluded.  

The judge started his summing up in the afternoon. 


  1. Any updates since last Friday?

  2. As far as I'm aware the jury went out yesterday and are considering their verdict. This may take some time as there are four defendants and four counts.