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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Been scammed? Worried? Complain to the Insolvency Service

On today's BBC Money Box programme, in a follow-up item on wine investment featuring Ian Vanderhook and Vin Bordelais Ltd, the phoenix company of collapsed firm – Bordeaux UK Ltd, Robert Burns head of investigations at The Insolvency Service said he will welcome complaints from people concerned about wine investment companies. The Insolvency Service has the power to close dubious companies in the public interest. They guarantee to investigate complaints within seven days.

If the Insolvency Service believes there are grounds for action, they can petition the High Court to close the company in the public interest. If the petition is accepted, the company can be closed immediately with the petition heard in open court later giving the company an opportunity to fight the petition.

Details here of how to complain about a company to The Insolvency Service.


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  2. I have reported The Premier Wine Company to the Insolvency Service but they never provide feedback so what is the point.
    Premier Wine Company (aka 41 Imperial Way) has covered it tracks very well. Director is called Richard Joseph Leahy who calls himself a Property Developer.
    I'd like to know how to get at these swindlers.