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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vintage Wine Investment: laughably funny but another to avoid!

'Want to learn more about fine wine intestment?'

'The market for wine is ever expending, exasperated by the swelling demand for china and the supply of the top winer of Franceis notoriously limited, which helps make fine wine an ideal investment.'

Any further comment would be superfluous.


  1. Are they talking about a demand for porcelain?

  2. Good to know that that there is swelling demand for porcelain goods. I might invest in a royal daulton tea set.

  3. illegal Images on website --- Look at background image its a test image from Istock!

    No ref to Company Reg number

    What is going on in the wine industry!

  4. JT You may well be right – I wonder whether it was cups and saucers.

  5. "Modern markets are demanding in terms of investors’ expectations as banks, bonds, shares and traditional investments are consistently outperformed by a wide range and grand scale of ever increasing private investment into the age old industry borne of Napoleons passion to create the fine wine index."

    At least that bits nice n clear, eh? *snigger*

    Which liv-ex index went up by 42% last year?

  6. Hi Jim, what do you think about Tom Gearing appearing as a contestant on The Apprentice? You've got to hand it to cult wines - this will bring them an enormous amount of business.And if he wins that's a lot of money!

  7. ouch, what a sad looking website

  8. That's got to be the new benchmark for bad generic guff wine investment sites.....

    I know it's not illegal to write content that awful (or hilarious) but I bet Istock would have something to say about them using one of their images as the background to their website. You can still see the watermark even after they inverted the picture.....

  9. its laughable... idiots

  10. Registrant: None 100 Elwill Way Beckenham, Kent BR3 6RX GB Domain name: VINTAGEWINEINVESTMENTS.COM Administrative Contact: McGeough, Simon 100 Elwill Way Beckenham, Kent BR3 6RX GB

    see the websites is owned by another kent individual

  11. I'm getting a bit bored of the never ending smart alec comments coming from so called wine enthusiasts every time they discover a new potential rip off company, are you actually doing anything else to prevent this now or is your donation button paying well enough to sit here all day thinking about witty childish banter to post? This site used to be a semblance of hope for ripped off investors.
    Why dont you open a wine site Jim and show them all how to make money out of wine and post the results of your efforts? You could buy them from some of those companies you might buy from. You seemed like you had some direction a while ago, now it seems like you can't be bothered.