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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Wine Investment Code

The latest version of the proposed code can be found here (without background and notes) and here (with full explanation and notes).

Comments welcomed.


  1. you are joking? Dear Jim what planet do you live on its certainly not real! all I can say is that you want wine sales to be reactive and not proactive and in my opinion it stinks because you are bot allowing new companies in just keeping it with the old

    stinks that is all I can say

  2. Anon. Thank you but your comment would carry more weight if you hadn't chosen to be anonymous.

    Entirely untrue I welcome new companies that are properly run but not the large number of chancers whio claim expertise and experience which they don't have and frequently use accommodation addresses. The planet I live on is real enough as are the many 'investors' who contact me who have been misled with a significant proportion fleeced by cold callers.

  3. Dear Jim

    Every institution has misled from the Government to the banks, your idealistic scenario is great for an ideological world, but companies cannot function the way you want, I presume at some stage of their life the established companies started of as chancer@s as well... you do not

    know as then information was less available than today, Although I appreciate your sentiment and desires you are a naive individual when it comes to surving today as a fledgling company...

  4. I was a victim of a wine scam back in 09 with finbow wines and I can tell it is not a nice experience so find out I was robbed and all because of trusting a cold call from a 'broker'. There needs to be some legislation to make sure this will not happen again to the innocent public. so I agree with the proposed code :), for chancers who want to take high risks with their hard earned cash.

  5. Dear Pirateye. the code guarantees nothing and is unenforceable until put under some statute of Government legislation.......

    I am sorry though for your bad experience but it happens in all industries from builders to doctors, just an epidermic caused by a global market place