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Friday 25 February 2011

Albany Portfolio Management: price checker

Albany Portfolio Management, who are linked to Albany Vintners, has a useful price checker on their site. This price checker is a slimmed down version of the excellent, which some people can find confusing because it does provide so much information. APM's version calculates an average price for any wine on wine-searcher, so giving an indication what you can expect to pay for a wine. To make sure the results are not skewed the 10% cheapest and 10% most expensive prices are excluded.



  1. Albany Portfolio management charge an upfront commission - something you don't approve of - yet you are recommending them?

  2. Anon. Fair comment. I have removed them from the list until I clarify this.

    Incidentally I'm not against portfolio management fees as long as they are transparent an dproperly explained.

  3. Do you often recommend - or warn against -companies without clarifying how they do business?

  4. Anon:

    The text says:

    'Some companies from whom I might buy investment grade wines'

    not I 'recommend these companies'.

    I also think Albany's price checker is a worthwhile facility to have on their site.Nor does the company use cold calls.

  5. With respect, the question was; Do you often recommend - or warn against - companies without clarifying how they do business?

    The line between those you might buy investment wines from and those you would not is distinct in meaning, so for you to highlight the wording of the text in your above response is disingenuous. In other words, everyone who reads your blog is left in no doubt as to your meaning.

    You have stated clearly that those companies who charge an upfront commission are not to be dealt with (in your opinion): Many on your negative list are totally transparent, so that particular argument doesn't wash. Whether the company under discussion in this instance has a pricechecker facility on their site is imaterial in the context of this thread. My question was clear. It was, Do you often put companies on your lists (let's call the lists, for the sake of the argument, The Good List, and The Bad List)without clarifying the way they do business?

  6. Anon

    Firstly ‘The Good List, and The Bad List’ are your terms not mine.

    As far as the companies that appear on the page entitled ‘I wouldn’t buy wine from these companies’ is informed by the several thousand emails I have received since setting up investdrinks in 2000 along with other checks.