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Monday, 18 October 2010

2010 Bordeaux vintage: Gary Boom's urges caution

(Received this morning views of Gary Boom, founder and MD of Bordeaux  Index)
Bordeaux harvest update – wine industry prepares for a new episode of ‘twin peaks’

Press Release: October 18th 2010 – The spirits of wine lovers and investors have been buoyed by the news that the 2010 Bordeaux harvest is living up to its early promise, with the quality already being compared in some quarters with last year’s exceptional vintage.
With the harvest now complete, three of the region’s top chateaux have told fine wine merchant Bordeaux Index ( they’re expecting this year’s vintage to be remarkable.

“It seems a little premature to mention Bordeaux 2010 when we’ve only just said farewell to the all-consuming jamboree that was Bordeaux 2009,” said Bordeaux Index founder and MD Gary Boom. “But initial reports are that the latest crop is destined to be good, very good indeed.”
Promising early reports from Bordeaux are often greeted with a degree of scepticism within the industry. However, the character and standing of the chateaux involved – Including Angelus, Latour and Le Pin – is adding credibility to the claims.
The final factor in the equation – the weather – has also played its part with warm temperatures in south western France characterising the final stages of the harvest.
“Remembering that 2009 was a truly wonderful vintage, I wouldn’t be that surprised if we have a serious case of vinous twin peaks on our hands,” said Gary Boom.
With the likelihood of another promising pedigree on offer, attention is now focusing on the inevitable question – what price will the 2010 vintage fetch?
Gary Boom is advising a note of caution, “It’s a complicated market at the moment. Normally the arrival of a great vintage is one of the most powerful tools for attracting interest but the reality is that we already have ample supply of ‘prime’ vintages, with plenty of the 00/05/09s sat awaiting consumption. In contrast, it’s the highly sought after ‘off-prime’ vintages of 99/01/04 that are looking increasingly stretched. “
The key factor behind this change in recent years has been increased demand from Asia as brand-based consumption has triumphed over all other factors.
“In short, this market wants the cheapest available vintage of a small set of favoured brands,’ observed Gary Boom. “As we’re on the cusp of another ‘great’ vintage, my advice to investors would be to focus on the 2007/08s with the right labels and be wary of the 2009/05s at the wrong price.”


  1. well see what Robert Parker has to say at the appropriate time and right now is way too soon to even think about 2010

    However 2009 has proven to be a new reference point so much so that Robert Parker down graded the points given to the 2000 and 1982 Ch. Lafite Rothschild.... I think the 2003 will remain 100 as its quite close in alcohol content and taste to 2009

  2. I think less and less people are concerned with the Parker scores on wine these days. If I'm not wrong I seem to remember Boom himself saying this in another interview too.