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Thursday 10 June 2010

Finbow and SIFMA?

On Tuesday I received the following message: 

'Hi Jim,  my name is ZX I have been one of the many people duped into investing  in Finbow wines. I have been contacted by a guy called Frank Benson who says he is working for sifma, a government organisation working on the Finbow case. Have you heard of these guys, do you know if they are  legitimate?'

 SIFMA is not a government organisation but stands for 'The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association - SIFMA'. This organisation is based largely in the US with offices in London and Hong Kong. It would seem very unlikely that SIFMA know anything about this claim apparently made by 'Frank Benson'. Certainly the officers working on Operation Iceman know nothing of this Mr Benson and say SIFMA has no involvement in their investigation.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has been contacted by 'Frank Benson' or someone purporting to be working for SIFMA.


  1. Hi Jim, My name is J M and i too have been duped into investing in Finbow wines.Ihave also been contacted by a guy called Michael Adams who also says he is working for SIFMA.

  2. Thanks JM. If you have any contact details for Michael Adams or anyone claiming to be working for SIFMA, they would be very useful. Please send them to me on

    Many thanks.