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Monday 3 May 2010

2009 Bordeaux: interesting article on The Drinks Business

'Trade agrees to disagree with Parker Liv-ex's members survey on the 2009 vintage has thrown up some interesting results from the trade that, at times, run counter to Robert Parker's own review and at the very least forecast the most expensive Bordeaux ever. Liv-ex’s membership numbers over 285 of the world’s biggest buyers and sellers of fine wine. The survey is an annual event and this year’s en primeur campaign has generated more than a little interest.

Jack Hibberd, research manager at Liv-ex, told the drinks business that: “Our respondents were very enthusiastic. They gave the vintage the highest marks we’ve ever seen.”'

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  1. Does anyone know the amount of business transacted through livex? 285 of the worlds biggest buyers is quite a strong statement to make. Is it true? or do the "biggest" buyers simply just pay the small fee to get access to the data? and do their transactions outside of Livex.

  2. Why is it that no one knows how much Livex turnover is. Seems highly mysterious that a company who claims daily they are the number one source for wine prices will not reveal their transactional turnover. The best comment on their website is that they calculate the prices using various sources and then sit down, have a chat and then decide the price. The problem is that fraudsters then use this information to mislead the public. Livex needs to be more transparent.

  3. I invited comment from Livex. They will be posting a blog early next week covering Liv-ex turnover, data capture, etc.

  4. Well liv-ex?????

  5. Good point anon. Hopefully will be along soon – Jack?

  6. Still no answer from Liv-ex? is this not s little strange?