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Sunday, 9 February 2014

White Knights - a renewed warning

Investors in the failed wine investment company, The London Vines Ltd, continue to be approached by White Knights offering to assist. A recent example is Elliott House Collections Ltd (Company number: 08352626) offering to exchange investors wine for art. Doubtless these exchange offers are kindly meant but I would certainly decline them. 

Elliott House Collections Ltd was set up on the 9th january 2013. Its registered and trading address is 68 King William Street, London EC4N 7DZ – a well known accommodation address. The company's sole director is is 26 year old Harry James Downer. 

Other companies offering assistance include One Vine Day, Vine Capital and Woolf Sung. If I was an investor with The London Vines Ltd I would decline their offers and propositions as well.   


Barry Gamble

The many friends of Mr Gamble will no doubt be delighted to learn that he has apparently added recently a large extension to his house. It is also rumoured that he may be facing personal bankruptcy. Apparently the house in the joint names of Gamble and his wife.    

Gamble was a director of The London Vines Ltd from 26 January 2010 to 9th April 2013. The company went into liquidation on 12th November 2013. A number of investors have been unable to locate their wine.


  1. Avoid these sharks like the plague.(Elliot House Collections) my sister invested a very large sum with them. They wine and dine you (using your own money) to seduce you. You buy the art (as seen in genuine catalogues) and very quickly you 'sell' a small piece at a profit of £100 to£200 as a confidence booster. If you wait a couple of years to realise a bigger profit you will realise the company has vanished together with your money. BE WARNED!

    This company (08352626) has yet to file its first accounts and will probably never do so. Very evasive when asked a direct question like 'can I have my art to hang on my own wall'
    we are still waiting.....

  3. Mortimer collections are now in EFW's building