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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd – appointment of liquidator

It seems very likely that Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd will be put into full liquidation on 26th February 2014 when the Insolvency Service's petition is due to be heard in the High Court.

I am happy to put up the following message from Grant Thornton UK LLP, who have been asked to act as liquidators with David Ingram, acting as liquidator, if the provisional liquidation is confirmed. 

I am also prepared to put up similar notices from any other companies wishing to be appointed as liquidators to Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd.

Message from Grant Thornton to creditors of Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd:
URGENT ACTION REQUIREDBordeaux Fine Wines Ltd (“BFW”), a company that sold wine to investors, was put into provisional liquidation by the High Court in the public interest on 19 December 2013, following an investigation by the Insolvency Service.

The Official Receiver is acting as provisional liquidator with a hearing set for 26 February 2014 to place the company into formal compulsory liquidation. It is at this point that an Insolvency Practitioner may be appointed to act as Liquidator to investigate the financial affairs of the company and seek to maximise the potential return to creditors.

Should BFW be placed into liquidation at the hearing HMRC wish to request David Ingram, who is a partner in The Fraud Insolvency Division (FInD) at Grant Thornton UK LLP, to act as Liquidator.

Should you be a creditor having previously purchased wine through BFW and wish to know how Grant Thornton UK LLP can represent your interests in this matter please do contact Samantha Street, a manager at Grant Thornton, at or alternatively 0207 728 2651.

Grant Thornton have successfully dealt with a number of wine investment companies making good recoveries for investors noting there will be no charge to investors in making a nomination for David Ingram to be appointed to act.

FInD specialise in tracing and recovering assets and are a national team together with an international reach with a presence in all offshore financial centres. They have recovered assets from many jurisdictions and are currently successfully recovering monies for victims of various investment scams, including off plan property developments, mortgage fraud and boiler room fraud, in the UK, Spain, Caribbean, USA, the Middle East and other overseas jurisdictions.

For further information regarding Grant Thornton's insolvency investigation services please visit


  1. Sounds like a sales pitch................ name names rather than talk.........

  2. Anon. Of course Grant Thornton looking for creditors to support their bid, supported by HMRC, to be appointed as the liquidator if BFW are put into liquidation. Any investigation would follow the appointment of the liquidator.

  3. Anon. Thank you for your comment about the WIA, which I have posted here:

    This has been done because your comment is not relevant to this thread.