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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

DSL Fine Wines Ltd – another 'wine investment' company to avoid!

DSL – leading wine merchant!!

average returns of 18-28% pa !!!

'We use the specialist wine storage facilities of Vinotheque'
Not so! No DSL account at Vinothéque - part of LCB   

Formed as recently as 28th January 2015 DSL Fine Wines Ltd is yet another 'wine investment' company we could well do without. Being a 'leading wine merchant' after less than three months trading is decidedly impressive – if a tad unlikely!

The company is run from a residential address in West Wickham – slightly to the west of Bromley. The sole director is 26-year-old Daniel Southey (DOB: 11.11.1988). On his DSL website Daniel Southey falsely claims that the company has an account at Vinothéque, part of London City Bond and that they offer two years free storage there. Neither DSL Fine Wines Ltd nor Daniel Southey have an account at Vinothéque. Indeed David Hogg, sales director at LCB and who runs Vinothéque, has never heard of Daniel Southey or DSL Fine Wines Ltd.

DSL Fine Wines Ltd claims that wine investment will bring you long-term returns on average of 18-28% per year. A quick look at the Liv-ex indices will show that this is complete rubbish and a cynical attempt to mislead potential investors.   

The DSL Fine Wines Ltd cellar plan is an exact copy of that of Berry Bros & Rudd, who have been informed and who will be taking the appropriate action. 

Trading Standards should note that the DSL Fine Wines Ltd website (registered on 8th February 2015) carries no Terms & Conditions. 

Daniel Southey's CV: from hair stylist to alternative investments thru diamonds etc.

 Daniel Southey CV: hair stylist with Antonio – 
senior sales executive with MC Investment Professionals Ltd – CEO DSL fine wines

 Daniel Southey – diamond broker, hairstylist

 Daniel Southey: senior sales executive at mc investments

 MC Investment Professionals Ltd: 
Founded 14.9.2012, dissolved 30.12.2014
brochure claimed to offer financial advice pensions etc. 
Neither Bromley based company nor individuals on FCA approved register 
Fortunately the company was short-lived

Flying pigs territory: 'We have long-standing experience 
in all aspects of investment consultancy.'

I would not touch DSL Fine Wines Ltd with a very long barge pole. 



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