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Friday, 3 April 2015

APW Asset Management in liquidation: possible appointment of liquidator

Now that APW Asset Management Ltd has been wound up in the public interest I expect that the Insolvency Service will now seek to appoint an insolvency practitioner to wind up the company and do the necessary investigation. This this case it will be important that, if an independent practitioner is appointed that they do a thorough investigation into not only the running of APW Asset Management but also to discover who is behind Big Wine Company Ltd, the chief shareholder of APW Asset Management Ltd and what links there may be to other wine investment companies.

See here.

As previously I have agreed to post the following notice for the information of creditors of APW. If there are other insolvency practitioners who also wish to be appointed liquidator of APW, I will be happy to post notices from them, too.   

Message from David Ingram of Grant Thornton  
'Following the winding up of APW Asset Management Ltd it is likely that the Official Receiver will convene a meeting of the company’s creditors to appoint an independent Insolvency Practitioner as liquidator of APW.  At the time of writing the date for the creditors’ meeting has not been set.  The appointment of the independent liquidator will be based upon the value of creditors supporting the nomination of that Insolvency Practitioner.  I am aware that David Ingram of Grant Thornton is seeking the appointment as liquidator in this case; David and his team have dealt with a number of fraudulent wine investment companies, notably Bordeaux Fine Wines Ltd and Fine Wine Vintners Ltd.  David specialises in contentious insolvency appointments – those cases that require a thorough investigation as to the background of the insolvency and the dealings of the directors of the company. David’s email address is and has advised me he is happy to answer queries from creditors of APW.'

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