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Friday, 21 June 2013

Winnington Fine Wines Ltd – scarper leaving investors short of wine

Winnington Fine Wines Ltd: 'We offer a comprehensive service'
Unfortunately this service appears not to extend to buying investors' wines

Winnington Fine Wines Ltd is yet another short-lived, fly-by-night wine investment company. Formed on the 23rd January 2012 the company stayed around long enough to trouser investors' funds – apparently buying a small proportion of the wine ordered.

Winnington Fine Wines Ltd modestly called themselves 'a leading wine broker' but they were active for only a year at most before pulling the plug and disappearing from the 4th Floor, 40 Marsh Wall, Docklands, London W14. The sole director of Winnington Fine Wines Ltd was Mrs Narif Aziz born on 25th July 1972. Winnington's annual return is overdue, now accounts have been filed and the company is in the process of being struck off with the first Gazette on 21.5.13.

Winnington shared this address near Canary Wharf with two other companies – Creating Success Ltd (proposal to strike off – first Gazette on 11,6.13)  and Gig UK Investments Ltd (dissolved 7.5.13). Again a Mrs Narif Aziz was the sole director but this time born on 13.1.1958. Either she is the child bride of the Mrs Aziz, who is the director of Winnington Fine Wines Ltd, or botox and other cosmetic surgery procedures have worked wonders. 

What is not known at this stage is how much wine Winnington Fine Wines Ltd bought and how much their clients hoped they had bought. One couple who paid out £27,000 while dealing with a broker called Adam Brown – almost certainly not his real name – are devasted to discover that only a small fraction of their wine actually exists in their account at London City Bond. At some stage during its brief life Winnington Fine Wines Ltd did have an account at LCB but this is now closed. 

Clients of Winnington, who discover that they have wine missing, should make sure they file a compolaint through ActionFraud.  

Given the number of scam wine investment companies it is amazing that anyone cold called about wine investment doesn't immediately associate wine investment with ostrich eggs or emails (Nigerian 419s) purportedly from President Mobutu's widow eager to deposit at least £20 million in your bank account.

Equally I'm also amazed that any wine investment company that likes to think it is legitimate would consider cold calling as an appropriate sales tactic. 

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  1. All employees within the Citigroup Tower must provide passport details in order to gain pass cards/ access cards for the building. If you want to find out who Adam Brown and Alex Hamilton are then I suggest someone the serious fraud office or whomever is investigating these crooks start with Citigroup security. They will have photos, home address etc (all the info you would expect to find on a passport). Then just cross reference Kadir and Ali and you will have them

  2. I worked for them for 2 weeks. I was sold the dream by Alex Hamilton of being a broker. I gave my job as a stone mason for the hope of a better future. I am shocked that they are con merchants. I was let go as I did not have a cut throat enough attitude. I do remember Alex giving us all a pep talk everyday about how weak we were if we did not push people until they put the phone down on us. I can confirm that Adam Brown's real name is Kad. I hope that people can or the authorities are able to catch up with these people as they have ruined peoples lives. I feel ashamed to have been associated with them in anyway. I will look out my phone bills to see if I can find both Adam's and Alex's mobile numbers as I did use to have them. If I can find them I will publish them on this site and then hopefully some of those who have been ripped off can contact them directly