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Monday, 17 June 2013

Nouveau World Wines/ Finbow Wines: trial update

Update on Nouveau World Wine/Finbow case: 17th June 2013

Today was the first chance I have had to get to Southwark Crown Court since the second morning of the trial (17th May).

Daniel Snelling has been giving evidence for the past five days and finished after a few final questions this morning. Although I was not present for the bulk of Daniel Snelling's evidence, it appears that he alleged that his supplier 'had stolen wine or money' and Winevaults (in Australian wine storage company) were 'unreliable' Mr Lovell, his defence barrister, suggested with Snelling's agreement. It was clear that Snelling would have used much stronger language.

It was established that at times Snelling sent emails using the email addresses of other people, for instance Rebecca McDonald, involved in the two companies.

Taking one example by comparing invoices and payments to Sultan Trad with records of wines held at Wine Vaults, Lovell showed there was a discrepancy of 516 bottles between various invoices and payments to Sultan Trad for 780 bottles and the 180 bottles recorded as stock at Winevaults.

Asked by his counsel what he was like at paperwork, Snelling replied: "Shocking - terrible!"

This closed the defence case for Daniel Snelling. The defence case on behalf of Simon Dempsey is now starting.

Amongst those who have given evidence is Tim Loakim, general manager of Winevaults. This was done by video link.

The four defendants have pleaded not guilty and the case continues at South Crown Court, London SE1.

Further updates to follow.  


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    I have instead posted it at the end of my 20th February 2013 post on why I can no longer support the WIA. See here: