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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Barry Gamble declared bankrupt – Croydon Court Tuesday 8th December 2015

Above: Tuesday 8th December 2015 Court listing at Croydon County Court and the Family Court for five-minute hearing of a creditor's petition against Barry Gamble at 11.30 am.

Discharge suspended – an error

 Automatic discharge: 08 December 2016

The result: Barry Michael Gamble of Tadworth (last known address) declared bankrupt with his discharge suspended 

Although not confirmed Barry Gamble's bankruptcy is a result of the successful Misfeasance Claim brought by solicitors acting for Findlay James, the liquidator of The London Vines Ltd, a failed wine investment company. Barry Gamble was the sole director of The London Vines Ltd (appointed 26.1.2010 – resigned 9.4.2013) for much of its life. Alisdair Findlay of Findlay James was appointed on liquidator of The London Vines Ltd on 31st October 2013. 

In the first Liquidator's report (17.12.2014) Findlay reported that:

'Following an analysis of the company bank statements  for the period 1 February to the date of liquidation it was discovered that large sums of money had been paid to the shareholders and relatives of shareholders for which there were no records to substantiate the payments. Despite writing to each of the individuals involved, none were able to provide satisfactory responses and as such I instructed solicitors to commence recovery proceedings. A claim was drafted against Barry Michael Gamble, Robert Scott Phillips, Amanda Sarah Gamble, Sylwia Phillips, and David Phillips. An offer of £27,000 was made and accepted in respect of the claim against David Philiips in the sum of £33,776.'

'A judgement in default was obtained against Barry Gamble in the sum of £741,647.45.'

Interestingly on 3rd June 2015 Gamble described the liquidation of The London Vines and the Misfeasance Claim as fraudulent: 'regarding the fraudulent insolvency of The London Vines and subsequent fraudulent and false claim'.

Gamble put this view to the test on 17th September in Birmingham seeking to  to have the default judgment overturned. He failed, so English Law confirmed the Misfeasance in the running of the company – in common parlance the 'removal of large sums of money' from The London Vines Ltd by its directors and shareholders with 'no records to substantiate the payments' and with no satisfactory explanations indicates that this was a scam. Now this has led to Barry Michael Gamble's bankruptcy (8th December 2015). 

The Liquidator's December 2014 report also stated that: 'We are still awaiting confirmation from the Court of Judgment in default against Amanda Gamble in the sum of £179,263.61.' It is not known what the current status of this potential judgment against Amanda Gamble is. The Liquidator's second report due by the end of this year may shed more light. 

I understand from Barry Gamble that he is appealing against the default judgment.       




  1. Well Jim, this sounds a mixture of good and bad news. But where does it leave the investers ?

  2. sorry investor thanks for your comment. As the action was brought by the liquidator to recovery money wrongly taken from The London Vines Ltd by its directors, including Barry Gamble, and shareholders, including Barry Gamble, I assume any money successfully recovered from Barry Gamble some may go back to creditors while some will be absorbed by legal fees and the liquidator's costs.

    1. PS Suggest you phone the Liquidator as well as the Insolvency Service office in Croydon that is dealing with Barry Gamble's bankruptcy – 020-8681 5166.

  3. Jim, when you say Gambles last known address, does that mean the Gambles are not there anymore? If thats the case is it known where they are? I read on one of your blogs Amandas parents live in france. I would hope the insolvency service in Croydon know where they are! If not and the Gambles have done a bunk, i would hope there being hounded to face the music over this outrageous scam.

  4. Sorry investor - last known address is the standard heading on the Insolvency Register. It only indicates that this is the last address given to the Insolvency Service.

  5. I don't think Barry Gamble was born in 1942??

    1. Anon – you think correctly. If you look at the Insolvency Register you will see that there are two Barry Gambles listed – you might have thought that one was quite enough but that's by-the-by. The Gamble born in 1942 is in an IVA. Instead our Barry Michael Gamble was born on 19th July 1980.