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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The London Vines in liquidation: creditors' meeting tomorrow

The London Vines – Defined by Integrity!

The London Vines Ltd is now in liquidation and a creditors' meeting is to be held tomorrow at 11.30am at the offices of Findlay James, Saxon House, Saxon Way, Cheltenham GL52 6QX. Telephone: 01242 576555
Fax: 01242 576 999. Email:

Over the past few months I have received a considerable number of messages from concerned clients of The London Vines Ltd, who have invested considerable sums of money in wine that they have been unable to trace. A number have been persuaded by high pressure sales techniques to invest a significant proportion of their life savings in wine, which may not have been bought by the company. I trust that Findlay James, if appointed as liquidators, will do a professional job and establish how much wine was bought. Then, if not all the wine ordered was bought, whether the directors (Robert Phillips and Barry Gamble) trousered some of the money or whether it was pocketed by someone else.

Update 31st October 2013: Liam Andrews offers 'THE TRUTH'
From: liam andrews
Sent: Thursday, 31 October 2013, 20:22
Subject: THE TRUTH
Dear Mr Budd 
Interesting meeting today, here are a few facts and responses to comments on your blog regarding The London Vines
A quote from your blog  "Robert Definitely did not see any of this coming", Please explain the Facts I have found out below.
Phillips sacked all the workers and changed the locks of the office in June and has not been seen or heard from at the London Vines since, in fact he is in Poland (well and rich) see attached photo, the facts are simple, very simple, at least 5 workers were fired with a text that said "you are suspended on full pay until further notice" of course they were not paid, Gamble ended up selling items that he owned and giving some of the money to those 5 so they could pay there rent and bills (all documented)
Gamble offered to buy Phillips out months ago but was declined and told by Phillips (quote) "what else I will do" Phillips knew from 2012 that Mr Gamble was leaving, (all witnessed)
Once he became director he failed to turn up to work some days, while staff would still turn up and stand outside waiting for the director to decide whether or not he was getting out of bed that day.
After Phillips had scarpered Gamble still tried to get accounts opened for clients, 6 letters had been sent at least urging clients to open accounts that had not done so, after being called everything under the sun by Goedhuis, Gamble still tried to get some wines allocated to at least 2 clients, with the locks changed it was almost impossible to remember exactly who and what was bought, i know £4.2 million worth of wine was bought under Gambles tenure and at least 200k worth was paid and yet to land (all documented)
There is outstanding orders, there was a plan in place to pull TLV round within a 12 month period, all written step by step and given to Phillips by Gamble, it was used as a coaster by Phillips for months before he disappeared and a letter was sent out to clients.
As Phillips changed the locks and/or refused any entry to TLV before he disappeared it was impossible to sort out.
Gamble admits mistakes were made but it was easily within reach to pull it back from the brink, there are wines that can be allocated and if access can be gained there is an excel spreadsheet of every client and every transaction, whether the wines are bought or not, its all on that database at 13 Holywell.
I doubt all transactions can be saved which is poor practice by them both but i think you need to research a bit more Mr Budd rather than hoping whatever you throw at the wall sticks.
Dear Liam

Thank you for your email.

Robert Philipps was a director of The London Vines from 9th April. Barry Gamble from 26.4.2010 to 9.4.2013.

'Gamble offered to buy Phillips out months ago but was declined and told by Phillips (quote) "what else I will do" Phillips knew from 2012 that Mr Gamble was leaving, (all witnessed)'

If Gamble was as concerned by events as you suggest why did he resign as the sole director. I have details of wine ordered by a client in 2011 and 2012, which are not in their possession. During this time Gamble was the sole director.

' i know £4.2 million worth of wine was bought under Gambles tenure and at least 200k worth was paid and yet to land (all documented)'. What was the total amount ordered and why are there a number of investors who have not received their wine?


Curiously my reply email to Liam generated an error message: 'Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.' 





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  1. they did not sack the employees i worked there , robert looked shocked at what happend and confused as shit hit the fan all workers left with out 2 weeks paid work. FACT. i think barry gamble and roberts are both responsible but i think gamble saw there little aggresive scam was coming to a end and wanted to jump ship leaving roberts in the shit. both equally to blame , i remember reading a letter on roberts desk must of been from a very old lady asking him to explain WHY SHE HAD TO SEND ANOTHER £6000