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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Paramount Vintners Ltd – amazing 'list' for 2 year old company!

Paramount's Twitter profile

(2.12.2015: Please note that this post has now been updated to reflect changes – see end.)

Although only founded in August 2012, Paramount Vintners Ltd offer an impressive list of fine wines as they say at 'competitive prices'. The company's sole director is Croydon-based 28-year-old Marvin Roberts.  Following its first set of accounts (31.8.2013) Paramount has a net worth of £12,200. Its registered address is Suite 4B, 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 5FJ, which is rather popular due perhaps to the number of nightingales in the square. There are 41 companies registered at Suite 4B including Africa Health, Tim Johnson Brokerage and UK Dental Tourism.   

Just to whet your appetite Paramount Vintners have 429 pages of Burgundy going back to a 1919 Beaune Les Avaux Bouchard Père et Fils, 481 pages of Bordeaux, 38 pages of Champagne and 57 pages of white Bordeaux.***

Paramount Vintners Ltd has three bottles of 1919 Beaune Les Avaux Bouchard Père et Fils (£1500 per bottle) and manages to undercut the price by Fine & Rare Ltd – £1522. It is not clear whether Paramount intend to obtain this 1919 from Fine & Rare or have an alternative source for the 1919 Beaune Les Avaux. I can't imagine that there are many bottles of this wine still available.

Similarly the 1934 Pommard from Leroy is available from Fine & Rare for £21620 but is listed by Paramount for £21,365. Again Paramount has three bottles available and this is a pattern that repeats itself page after page of their list of wines. Perhaps Paramount's accountant has advised that three is a magic number and that they should try to keep their offer to three bottles or cases to limit the amount of stock the company holds. 

Unlike the rest of the fine wine trade Paramount Vintners Ltd 
are pushing 2013 en primeur with 7 pages of available wines. 

It looks like Marvin Roberts has failed to read The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 (in force from June 2014): 


11.1. Once an order has been accepted and confirmed by Paramount Vintners by the issuance of an invoice, an order shall be non-cancellable, and is a binding commitment by the customer to purchase. Such orders may be cancelled by the discretion of Paramount Vintners only. In the event of non-payment of an invoice within the specified terms, Paramount Vintners reserves the right to cancel the order a charge a cancellation fee of up to 20% of the outstanding sum.' Paramount Vintners Ltd – terms & conditions *

Under the new contract law wine bought over the phone or the internet has a 14 day period of cancelleation starting the day after delivery. Only en primeur sales are exempt. Failing to give customers correct information can mean that the cancellation period is extended by a further year. 

Paramount Vintners Ltd has an account at London City Bond's Vinothèque** at Burton-on-Trent. Curiously  for a company with such an extensive list of stock Vinothèque is misspelt on their website – Vinoteque:

Presumably Marvin Roberts (Paramount Vintners Ltd)
thought this was Vinothèque – it isn't!
Barking – Roberts!   

Furthermore the photo Paramount chose to illustrate their 'wine storage' section shows a warehouse at LCB's Barking facility – not Vinothèque. They do, however, offer storage for private customers at £8.28 ex VAT, which sunstantially undercuts the LCB rates. Unless Paramount has cut a very special deal they will be losing money on every case.   

I suspect that London City Bond are not impressed! Nor am I.... 


Update 2nd December 2014
wine-searcher removed Paramount Vintners Ltd from their wine and merchants' listings last Friday.****

Update: 2nd December 2015 
The Terms and Conditions relating to the right of cancellation have to amended to reflect the current legislation: 
11.1.    Once an order has been accepted and confirmed by Paramount Vintners by the issuance of an invoice, an order shall be non-cancellable, from 14 days after the date of delivery with the exclusion of wines purchased en primeur or wines sourced directly for (you) the customer. Such orders may be cancelled by the discretion of Paramount Vintners only.'

** I understand from Marvin Roberts that Paramount Vintners 'use Vine services through Liv-Ex who store all our stock at LCB Tilbury.'

*** The number of pages of wines offered has reduced: there are now 41 pages of Bordeaux, 24 pages of Burgundy, 4 pages of white Bordeaux and five of Champagne.

Paramount Vintners are now listed on wine-searcher with a four-star rating with these comments: 
'Responds to emails within a week.
Products may not be in stock but can be sourced; fulfilment may take longer.'



  1. On the 2014 Electoral Roll records at London Borough of Croydon Council there is someone called Marvin Julian Calvin Roberts, age range 25 – 29 years, resident at 14 Courtney Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4LS. The Roll also shows that Marvin Julian Calvin Roberts is using that address as his company director address.

    On the records at the website domain name was registered on 27 September 2012 by Paramount Vintners Ltd, submitting their company address as 14 Courtney Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4LS. The website domain name was also registered on the same day, 27 September 2012.

    Marvin Julian Calvin Roberts registered as sole director of Paramount Vintners Ltd on 21 August 2012, giving his date of birth as 21 December 1985 and his address as 14 Courtney Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4LS. See

    Marvin Julian Calvin Roberts owns 1 x £1 share in the company Paramount Vintners Ltd, which constitutes 100% of the company’s shareholding. See

    It is on the record at Companies House that when the company Paramount Vintners Ltd was formed on 21 August 2012 its Registered Office address was –

    145-157 St John Street
    EC1V 4PW

    Last week, on 20 November 2014, the Registered Office of Paramount Vintners Ltd was changed from that address to Suite 4b 43 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 5FJ. This is the same address as quoted on the website

  2. I purchased 4 cases last week, 1 was out of stock and got a refund for it.
    Doesn't sound like a dodgy company to me.
    Also if the director was a fraudster would he not hide his details? Just Saying

  3. if a new company like paramount ever wants to make a name for themselves, they need to be transparent. they're clearly not explaining that they don't own almost all the wine they're offering, which is bizarre. and plastering a load of codswallop about orders being 'non-cancellable' is going to get them nowhere. well played to wine searcher for taking them down